COVID-19 Protocols for the resumption of classes

  1. Students must be dropped and collected timeously for classes. There is no waiting area for anyone dropped early or collected late. Students can wait in their cars in the parking area if they have arrived early. Parents/carers/au pairs can wait in their cars for the duration of the lessons or before collecting a student. We ask that all parent/carers/au pairs practice accepted social distancing protocols in the car park and wear a mask. There is strictly no waiting in our reception or outdoor waiting area and the jungle gym is out of bounds at all times for students, siblings and carers.
  2. All students have to wear a mask which covers the nose and mouth. They can wear visors too, if desired, but NO MASK, NO ENTRY!
  3. We have a 15 minute cross-over between classes so students can enter the building 10 minutes before the start of their class. If students are having class in the main hall or drama or cabaret kids classrooms they will enter through the front doors of the main building following the social distancing guidelines. The doors to the main building are accessible only via the ramp and not the stairs. (There are blue spots on the floor demarcating where students need to stand should there be a queue.) If students are having class in the new studio they will enter directly into the studio from the parking lot – again, being aware of the social distancing spots should there be a queue.
  4. Students will be met at the respective entrances by their teacher. If their teacher (who may still be cleaning up/disinfecting after the last class) is not there yet, they should wait patiently and NOT ENTER the building. The teacher will then do the mandatory temperature screening as well as fill in the register and record the results. The students will be expected to answer a few questions related to their health and whether they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms. These results will also be recorded. Should all be well the student can proceed into the building. All students are to sanitize their hands on entry. There are foot operated hand sanitizing units at the temperature stations.
  5. For our very little students (6 years and under) a parent/carer/au pair can accompany them to the doors but please do not enter the building. Once the student’s temperature has been taken and all is well, the teacher will take the student into the building for the class.
  6. There are also new procedures for exiting the buildings which will be a change for some of our students. These exits are clearly demarcated. Students attending class in the main hall will exit the hall via the door at the back of the studio then proceed around the side of the music room and exit by the gate on the side of the music room back to the car park. Students attending classes in the drama or cabaret kids classrooms should also exit via the gate at the side of the music room back to the car park. Students attending class in the new studio will exit via the fire exit at the back of the studio and proceed down the stairs and follow the stone path back to the car park. No-one is to exit via the main doors of the main building OR the new studio – these are entrances only!
  7. All students are to sanitize their hands before exiting with the hand sanitizer provided at exit door of each studio/classroom.
  8. After the mandatory temperature screening, should a student have a temperature of more than 37.8 degrees they will be asked to sit in the separate isolation section – either the side of the stairs by the main building or the side of the new studio as demarcated. After 5 minutes, they can have their temperature re-scanned. Should it still be high they will be asked to leave immediately hence parents/carers/au pairs may not drop-and-go but are to remain waiting in their cars until the student has been cleared for entrance. If, after the wait in the isolation area, the student’s temperature is in the acceptable range they will be allowed to enter the buildings.
  9. At any point if a student feels unwell, exhibits any symptoms of Covid-19 or runs a temperature of more than 37.8 degrees they will immediately be asked to leave if the parent/carer/au pair is waiting in the car park or alternatively, quarantined in the quarantine area (the music room) while the relevant parents/carers are notified. While they wait in the quarantine area they are advised to sit quietly on the chairs provided and wait to be collected. Parents arriving to collect the quarantined student may not enter the main building but should walk through the side gate to the music room.
  10. Students must observe the correct distances at all times in the classes. These will be demarcated by marked blocks on the floor.
  11. Students must try to limit the number of bags and accessories brought to class. They should only have one bag which is to be placed on demarcated chairs in each venue. All additional clothing, sweat towels, dance shoes and accessories should be store neatly in the one bag.
  12. All students doing barre work must have a barre cover, these can be bought through JATA or external sources but barre covers are COMPULSORY.
  13. If students need to blow their noses during class, tissues must be discarded in the red waste bins provided.
  14. Strictly NO FOOD is to be brought into the buildings. Students must bring their own water bottles.
  15. The JATA kitchen is also STRICTLY out of bounds, no student or parent is allowed to use the kitchen or its utensils and appliances.
  16. Students may use the bathrooms as necessary but are advised to wash their hands thoroughly with the liquid soap provided and dry them with the paper towels provided.
  17. Masks are compulsory at all times. We understand however that exercising and working in masks is not ideal. Should students feel faint or just ‘need to breathe’ in the middle of a class they should indicate as such to the teacher who will allow them to remove their masks in a separate and socially distanced, demarcated area for 5 minutes.

Parent/Guardian Indemnity

  1. I understand the risks associated with COVID 19 and understand the manner in which the virus spreads.
  2. I am aware of, and understand, the policies that JATA has implemented in order to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID 19 including, but not limited to, the undertaking to drop and collect my child/ren timeously for classes.
  3. Given the nature of the COVID 19 virus I know and understand the risks associated with sending my child to the Studio. I accept these risks and agree that I cannot hold JATA or its teachers liable for the transmission of, or any outbreak of, the virus at JATA.
  4. I indemnify, waive any right I might have to institute any claim of any kind against the Studio or its teachers in this regard and in relation to COVID-19.
  5. This document does not exclude or limit any liability that is not capable of exclusion or limitation by law.
  6. I agree and undertake that:
    • 6.1 I, and my child/ren, will adhere to all policies that the Studio has put in place with regard to COVID 19.
    • 6.2 My child/ren will be kept at home if he/she/they show any symptoms of COVID 19 or are otherwise sick. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, cough, fever, tiredness, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, diarrhoea, headache, loss of taste or smell, rash or chest pain.
    • 6.3 I will inform the Studio immediately if my child/ren contract COVID 19 or if anyone else in the household has been infected with COVID 19. In this event, our family will undertake to quarantine the entire family for 14 days.
  7. In order to ensure the safety of all students and teachers at JATA, I will provide my child/ren with a mask and explain to he/she/them that the mask needs to be worn at all times when he/she/they is/are at the Studio.
  8. I confirm that before my child/ren return/s to JATA, I will teach my child/ren how to put the masks on and take them off and how to wear them properly. I acknowledge that:
    • 8.1 My child/ren will be proficient in the use of their masks before coming to the Studio.
    • 8.2 My child/ren’s clothing and masks will be washed daily.
    • 8.3 I will educate my child/ren about social distancing and its importance.
  9. The contact and other details below are correct and valid.

Data Privacy Agreement

This privacy notice is to ensure that parents/guardians of our students understand and consent to how the Johannesburg Academy for Theatre Arts (“JATA” or “the Studio”) may process the personal information of their child/ren collected at the Studio during the unprecedented challenges we are all facing during the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID 19).

As a parent / guardian of a student at JATA, I agree that:

  1. My child/ren will be subject to mandatory temperature screening and will also be required to answer questions pertaining to his/her/their health on entrance to the Studio.
  2. This personal information will be collected, recorded, stored, transferred and processed as per the COVID 19 protocols in place at the Studio.
  3. This personal information may be shared with the South African government and any other relevant bodies as required, including, but not limited to, the South African Department of Health or the Department of Labour.



Covid-19 Indemnity and Data Privacy

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